Projecting excellence since 2003
"At Alamo Drafthouse, we pride ourselves with offering our patrons the best movie-going experience in the world.  I implicitly trust NW Projection with the service and installation of our equipment.  Their attention to detail, scheduling flexibility, and fair pricing make them an obvious choice for us."

David Ballew, Director of Construction
Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
"(NW Projection) has handled all of our digital installations, certifications and care including digital 2K, 4K, and 3D projection systems, Dolby Digital 7.1 surround and THX audio systems.  NW Projection is simply the best."

Robert Perkins, Owner
Act V Theaters
"(NW Projection) has been extremely flexible with scheduling and were instrumental in the successful conversion of hundreds of Hollywood Theaters from 35mm to digital.  In addition, they have proven themselves excellent troubleshooters, both onsite and remotely.  With NW Projection, I knew I not only had a solid vendor, but also strong members of my team."

Doug Hawkins, former V.P. of Purchasing
Hollywood Theaters
"Flawless, stunning presentations."

Doug Whyte, Executive Director
The Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon
"FANTASTIC!!! From the bidding process to installation, NW Projection has it going on!  Incredibly mindful and easy to deal with.  Other companies seemed to have too many departments and were less willing to work within our budget.  Our patrons clapped at the beginning of every movie for the first two weeks after conversion."

Amy Helm, Owner
Storyville Cinemas in Salida, Colorado
"(NW Projection) is a good place to get your theater goods...they have done a great job for us...and their prices can't be beat..."

John Edlin, Owner
Star Cinema in Enumclaw, Washington